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Take Piano Lessons from a qualified instructor who loves to teach! Ever since she can remember, Hannah has had a passion for playing the piano and helping others on their musical journey. She received her music teaching certification from the Crown College Conservatory in Knoxville, TN and also serves as the choir pianist for Calvary Baptist Church.

Qualified Instructor

Certified by Crown College Conservatory

Any Level

Beginner to Advanced Levels

Reasonable Rates

$20/ Lesson | $80/ Month


Biography of Hannah

Hannah grew up in a pastor's home and has been involved in music from a very young age. In college, she took private lessons from a number of instructors and also accompanied numerous singing groups. After college, she and her husband moved to Smithfield, VA, where he serves as the youth pastor at Calvary Baptist Church. Hannah now gives piano lessons to beginners and advanced students of all ages throughout Smithfield.


Hannah received her musical certification at Crown College in Powell, TN. In addition, to her certification and private lessons through college, she received a lot of hands-on training as an accomplished pianist. She played for a number of singing groups that traveled extensively. Her versatility as a pianist in hymn-playing, accompaniment, sight-reading, playing-by-ear, and classical styles adds depth to her repertoire and pedagogy. Hannah is a talented musician and gifted teacher whose experience brings a depth to her piano lessons.  


Hannah received her Music Teaching Certification from Crown College in Powell, TN with an emphasis on Piano Pedagogy.

Piano Lessons

I love to play the piano, and I want my students to enjoy that same love for the piano! - Hannah

Music is my passion, and I want others to know the beauty and meaning of music. Anyone can learn. If you can read, you're not too old or too young to start. With an eagerness to learn and a will to practice, you will learn to love to play the piano. Learning to play the piano will lay a solid musical foundation as you continue your musical journey. 

Music is my passion, and I want others to know the beauty and meaning of music.  - Hannah

Lesson Goals

Under Hannah's teaching, students will not only learn how to express themselves through artistic performances of various styles of music, They also will learn how to make their own music through improvisation and composition. Hannah's goal is to aid students in becoming well-rounded musicians who not only play, but who also truly comprehend and love music. To achieve this array of musical skills, each lesson will emphasize the following areas of learning: Ear Training, Rhythm, Sight Reading, Technique, Improvisation, and Music Theory. 




Pricing is based on 1 lesson per week. Additional lessons may be added for advanced students on a case-by-case basis.

30 Minute Lesson

$20/ Lesson

$80/ Month 

45 Minute Lesson

$30/ Lesson

$120/ Month 


Additional Family Members

$10 discount per family member per month


1 student   - $110 / month

2 students - $210 / month

3 students - $300 / month

30 min lesson

1 student   - $80 / month

2 students - $150 / month

3 students - $220 / month

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Smithfield Piano Lessons is currently at full capacity with an extended waiting list! We thank you for your interest in Smithfield Piano Lessons and apologize for the inconvenience. Please check back with us at a later date for additional availability.

Thank You - Hannah